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Todd Farr is a man of many talents both in front and behind the camera. Born and raised in North Texas, he's a Texan to the core. Successfully running track, cross-country and earning his business degree from Abiline Christian University, Todd was on his way to a life of adventure.

He began modeling in 2000 and was discovered by Photographer, Bruce Weber. Abercrombie and Fitch, Polo Ralph Lauren, Lo Mo Vogue Magazine, and Interview Magazine were a few of the clients they worked with.

Being an accomplished model soon led Todd into acting, his true passion. His love for acting was cultivated through Ken Farmer, an acting teacher from Dallas Texas, who taught him the fine art of story telling.

Then one day, Todd was asked to photograph some of his friends in acting class. That was the moment he discovered his passion for photography. Todd states, "After talking with my good friends Bruce Weber and Peter Hurley about it, I bought an old Nikon camera and started the photography journey."

With diverse talents in modeling acting and photography, Todd's continues his on with this attitude: "My story is still being written and I am still enjoying the journey!"

"All who wander are not lost...." JRR Tolkein